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Place for entertainment and leisure - Mtatsminda Park season is opening
03 May, 2018

There is always entertainment and leisure season... "Mtatsminda Park" has offerings at any time of the year, but because it is already spring, it’s time for sunbathing and wandering.

We want to say that "Mtatsminda Park" will meet summer season with grand celebration. The season will open on May 5 and everybody will be able to find entertainments.

The amusement rides will serve the customers with 50% discount. The park administration has already thought many fun things for the children and have carefully planned their voyage through the magic world. The name of the magic world is Neverland, it has magical heroes. This world will be available after 15:00 PM.

Showmen, animators, drummers and stilt walkers will entertain children, you should not miss this day. Entertainment show program, gifts and photo sessions will be enough for everyone.

"Mtatsminda Park" is always outstanding. Park has recently hosted honey and tea, handmade items, New Year's and Easter Festival. There are many plans for the future. The park will host the Wine Festival on May 12, Flower and Decorative Plants Festival on May 19, so pay attention to "Mtatsminda Park" calendar and do not miss something important.

"Mtatsminda Park" is the best place for entertainment and leisure. The area around 770 meters above sea level covers more than 100 hectares. If only the entertainment is not enough for you, in this case the forest resource around the park allows you to breathe fresh air.

The park mainly is divided into extreme, children's and family zones. The restaurants, cafes, shops and relaxing zones here give you free choice.

The park is distinguished by its landscape and the views of Tbilisi makes the impressions even more sharp. You can go to the park by road (Tbilisi-Okrokana), but it is really worth to go there from Chonkadze street by the funicular. This is the one of the city's historical landmarks, which was built in 1905. There is one more way - a hiking trail connecting "Mtatsminda Park " and Narikala Castle.

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