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«I have a lot of experience in the tourism sphere – I am a gladiator in this field»
23 September, 2021
In autumn, the tourist season in Georgia goes from active to passive phase, however, at this time of year our country is especially often visited by people who are interested in the process of vintage, wine making, views of nature coloured in different shades. I also note that since December 2020, the National Tourism Administration has not had a head. A competition is planned in the near future, according to which this post will be handed over to the new head. Giorgi Chkhaidze, the head of the Hotel «Wine Palace» and the wine shop «Brand Wine», is going to present his candidacy, among others. Summarizing the summer season and the election of the head of the tourism administration, those were the main topics we talked about during the meetings.
Giorgi Chkhaidze:
- This year was more or less better than last year in terms of business and tourist visits. Due to covid pandemic nobody was working,neither we nor any other hotel in the city. To be realistic, we started receiving guests in May. It is superfluous to talk about profit, the hotel ,barely keeps afloat. However, I am satisfied with the fact that the number of tourists is slowly increasing and I am also happy with the fact that visitors which came to a beautiful, blessed country are interested in my hotel and at the same
time the regions.
- What nationality of tourists prevailed during this summer season?
- There was a predominance of tourists from Russia and Arab countries. Guests from Russia arrive in our country via Minsk, where a ticket costs more on $ 200. Vintage is a great cultural event for our country. Rooms are especially well booked during this period. September loaded as with my, as well as at another hotel. We offer guests tour services both in the capital and in the regions of Georgia. In turn, this is an additional benefit for small local hotels, because the guest who came to me for a vintage stay
in Kakheti: Sighnaghi, Telavi and Kvareli for at least 2 days. Tourists visit the distinctive family cellars and get acquainted with their products. If I have free time, I lead them too. I know quite well the history and culture of our country, if I can not go, the best historians work as guides, who provide comprehensive information to visitors interested in our country. I have the best, professional guides, they are my friends and I am proud of those people. I would also like to note that we expect the opening of airspace from Russia – the Foreign Minister recently spoke on this topic. I hope this will happen soon. I often mention and I will repeat now, many people want to come and go in/from Georgia. Some on business trips, some to visit relatives and friends. If this problem did not exist, we would have three times more tourists and our country would have more money in the budget. We
expecting resuming flights by the end of September and we are looking forward to that.
- Finally, at our previous meeting, you announced that you want to participate in the competition for the position of the Head of Tourism Administration …
- Yes, we are all waiting for the date specified by the Ministry of Economy and the administration. I think it will be resolved after the local elections. I hope the elections will be transparent. I hope those who are interested in the field of tourism will support me, because I know domestic cuisine well, I have a lot of experience and I am a gladiator in this field. I have a great desire that soon we will all set priorities together, plan everything properly and offer maximum comfort to the guest. If we want to be a European country, to get into the EU, first of all the issue of toilets must be resolved, because the lack of a public toilet for any tourist city is the biggest disadvantage. So, as a matter of urgency, in the shortest time, we must develop the tourism sector in our country for the better. The competition will be huge, but I'm not afraid of that. Now is not the time for populism, it is time for action and I am confident in myself.
Author: Ana Kalandadze

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