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Hotel «Wine Palace» - Georgian hospitality and traditions in one space
18 June, 2021
CHotel "Wine Palace" - Georgian hospitality and traditions in one spaceozy places in Tbilisi can be counted on the fingers.  The city center and at the same time quiet place - this priority should be mentioned first when planning a visit to the hotel "Wine Palace".  (Address: 31 Bidzina Kvernadze Street, behind the Sports Palace, 3 minutes walk from Metro Polytechnic University). 

Here you will find a 4-star hotel that meets European standards, with all the features or attributes characteristic of Georgian hospitality.  The corridors and rooms on all seven floors of the building are hand-painted.  Pitchers and other Georgian dishes are dominant in the unique interior.  The stair railing is decorated with vines, while the different walls of 33 rooms (both standard and luxury), coloured in pastel colours creates an association of coziness.

Another feature of this hotel is the cellar, where along with tasting various drinks, guests have the opportunity to prepare by themselfes Georgian traditional dishes in the kitchen, bake bread in a bakery, open a pitcher and and if want taste the wine: Manavi Mtsvane, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, etc.  In the interior decorated with Svan furniture, table covered with a traditional Georgian blue tablecloth is always with snacks on the it. Stories about Georgian culture are shown on the TV screen and visitors are talked about different directions of Georgian culture.  In this way, the hosts have the opportunity to popularize Georgian culture, while the guests can spend time pleasantly and informatively.
Giorgi Chkhaidze (owner and director of the Hotel "Wine Palace"): - Hotel "Wine Palace" was opened in 2017.  The same year and the following year we hosted quite a large number of tourists from neighboring countries, especially Iran and Russia.  Our main segment is business class.  It is comfortable for them to live in the city center, at the same time the quitness of the hotel is favorable.
The idea of ​​interior design belongs to my father Akaki Chkhaidze - his idea was to focus on the theme of Georgian wine.  The whole interior is painted with a brush and there is no wallpaper used at all.  Zurab Tsereteli's students took care of it.  The decor of the vine theme on the stair railings is also completely handmade.
 "Wine Palace" offers its guests breakfast both in the interior and on the terrace, they can enjoy Georgian-European dishes by pre-order.  My family is also engaged in wine production and we own a small family winery.  Alcohol is free for hotel guests and they can open any wine bottle in the cellar or pour the drink from a barrel full of cognac.
We offer guests tour services both in the capital and in the regions of Georgia.  The best historians work as guides and they provide comprehensive information to visitors interested in our country.
Coronavirus pandemic has affected on the many sphere as well as on the hotel business.  We could not work for a year and a half, however, we resumed functioning 2 months ago.  Vaccinated guests are already coming to us and we hope their number will increase even more.  Ukraine, Belarus, Dubai - these are the countries from which most people visit us, but always the largest flow is from Russia.  Restaurants or hotels have the highest revenue from visitors from Russia, as well as in terms of wine purchases, they are the leaders.  We have a lot in common, they are well acquainted with our history, culture, we are both Orthodox nations.  Personally, I get in touch with at least 25-30 people a day who wish to visit Georgia, however, at this stage, Russian citizens are not allowed to cross the border.  If the Russian state allows this and opens the airspace, we will have a very large flow of visitors from this country in the near future.  This will help the Georgian economy and we will support each other.  We, in turn, are following all the regulations established by law and create a safe environment for both hotel staff and guests.

Author: Ana Kalandadze

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