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Greetings in the city of love with love
15 May, 2018

Sighnaghi is the city, where every street, balcony and even the stone have its own history. City is full of love and it attracts the visitor so much, that it is hard to leave it.

When you pass the noisy streets of Sighnaghi, you will feel the silence of the forest. Until the Nukriani turn, you should follow the Wine St, which leads to "Terrace Sighnagi", where the most pleasant atmosphere awaits you. This atmosphere is the achievement of a generous housewife - Nino Beroshvili will be your host along with her family. Her husband Mr Berdia makes the best Mtsvadi (Georgian skewered and grilled cubes of meat) and also other delicious meals of meat are part of his responsibility, the rest job is made by his big and small ladies.

"Our terrace greets everyone with a great pleasure. We are most pleased when the guest is fully satisfied. Here you can fully enjoy the striking beauty of Sighnagi and Alazani Valley, you won't be disappointed. After the center of the city and its noise you will need only 10 minutes to arrive here. We'll be waiting for you here with the variety of Georgian and European dishes, smile and good music" - Invitations like this is very characteristic to eastern Georgia. Every word is real and comes from the heart like the nature, mountain, spring and Alazani Valley at any season of the year.

In the menu of the restaurant you will find the Georgian dishes and European variations as well. It can amaze even the most pretentious guest. The fish is as special as Mtsvadi. This is because of the land of Georgia - the fish is only from local rivers, fruits and vegetables are from the local gardens as well. There is no need to talk about the Georgian wine, tourists know that this is the best wine. I won't be long, better to see than to listen.

The restaurant hall and terrace can host up to 70 guests at one time. It will expand until Winter and will be able to host another 20.

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