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Giorgi Chkhaidze: "If the guest wants to meet with the winemaker, we will definitely fulfill this wish"
25 August, 2021
There is a wide selection of Georgian wine in the store "Brand Wine" (Tbilisi, Mtskheta Street N48 / 50).
In front of the store, in the open space arranged for tasting, there is original furniture made of barrels, where you can place and not only taste the desired drink, but also get acquainted with the history of its production. Enjoy fruits, dried fruits, churchkhela or other Georgian products. Giorgi Chkhaidze, the owner of the store, meets and hosts the guests directly.
- Mr. Giorgi, it is often different wine tastings in your shop. Another such evening took place in August ...
- We have a large selection of drafted wine, bottled wine and small winery products in the store. We have vodka, cognac, liqueur, as well as up to 100% of the wines presented on the Georgian market. The production of small cellars exceeds 80. I advise everyone to come and get acquainted. Here people of all tastes can find the drink they want. Prices are affordable and different from other wine shops. I have great respect for the small family wineries in Georgia, with the representatives of which I make friends and at the same time we cooperate. I often conduct tastings of small wineries products to make their natural wines popular to as many people as possible and I recommend everyone to drink them. I try to promote their work. This time we had a wine tasting of a young winemaker and my friend Giorgi Solomnishvili. Giorgi does his job with all his heart and soul and produces the best quality wine. We usually had tasting evenings three times a month before the pandemic, but even though we meet guests in open air, this time we had to consider the regulations and could not invite many people to the meeting. Moreover, this time
we have temporarily stopped holding tasting evenings and when the epidemic situation is regulated, we will resume traditional meetings.
- Are you planning to add new wine to "Brand Wine" in the fall?
- Our family is engaged in wine production. We make "Rkatsiteli" and "Manavi Mtsvane". Also, my
father Akaki Chkhaidze and I are going to add "Khikhvi" and "Kisi". Initially we plan to produce these wines in small quantities and we will put them in the store. Let’s see what effect it will have.
- You are also the owner of the "Wine Palace". Prior to the pandemic, both hotel guests and shoppers
were able to visit the regions accompanied by your own guides. For example, now someone came into
the store and wanted a face-to-face meeting with a wine producer in the region, can you organize it?
- If the guests of our store want to get acquainted with the winemaker, I will organize it directly. Our best guide will take them in the region. They visit a small family winery of famous winemakers. The wine-making process and other details will be announced on the spot. There are few tourists today, however if they wish, we will definitely plan a visit. I can boldly say that we are the only ones doing the organizing and perhaps this is another plus of ours. This initiative is also appreciated in terms of promoting local, regional tourism, as guests from us stay with winemakers in the region or at a nearbyhotel. It is necessary for everyone to support and respect each other in this way.
Author: Ana Kalandadze

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