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Giorgi Chkhaidze: «Here people of all tastes can find the drink they want»
28 July, 2021
Wine shop "Brand Wine" is located in Tbilisi, Vake, Mtskheta Street N48 / 50.  On one hand it is a diverse assortment and on the other it is a pleasant environment where you can choose the drink you want.  Here you can not only taste the drink, but also learn about the history of its production.  You can also buy honey, churchkhela, or other Georgian products and souvenirs: cups, jugs and Georgian enamel samples.  Giorgi Chkhaidze, the director of the wine shop, plans to add 2 more branches in the next 2 years.
-Mr. Giorgi, there is a lack of tourists in Georgia, perhaps this has had a negative impact on the sales of local products in stores.  Told us about the store ...
- "Brand Wine" has a large selection of draft wine, bottled wine and small wineries.  We have vodka, cognac, liqueur, as well as up to 100% of the wines presented on the Georgian market.  The production of small cellars exceeds 80.  Here people of all tastes can find the drink they want.  Prices are affordable and different from other wine shops.  I have great respect for the small family wineries in Georgia, with the representatives of which I make friends and at the same time we cooperate as well.  I often conduct tastings of small wineries products to make their natural wines familiar to as many people as possible  and I recommend everyone to drink them.  By supporting each other, I try to promote their work.  I think the people who make this delicious and blessed drink need more support from the Ministry of Agriculture.
-Does the Ministry of Agriculture have various projects that promote the development of small wineries business?
-This is a very good question, but we touched on a painful topic.  When we meet and talk with representatives of small wineries, we always discuss the issue of preferential agro-loans from the state.  Now it is very high, so it is necessary for the state to issue soft loans to the owners of small wineries.  If I were a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture, I would definitely put this issue on the agenda and will give a 3% loan.  It will also be a promotion and a kind of incentive for these people to take better care of the vineyard, buy the appropriate equipment, modern tanks, use the money to improve the cellar and conduct quality work.  I think the representatives of small wineries should have the best working conditions and with such support from the state, the number of small wineries in all regions will increase.
Author: Ana Kalandadze

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