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"Gida Wine" - universal harmony: drinks, atmosphere, high quality. Khashmi wine cellar from Gida - a place surrounded by vineyards
28 March, 2022

In Kakheti, the cultivation of a vineyard on the territory of the village of Khashmi is associated with the name of Queen Tamar.  It was at her request that the monks of the David Gareji began to plant seedlings here and take care of them.  Local residents quickly mastered the rules of caring for vineyards and winemaking.  That’s how the foundation  of the high-quality wine from Saperavi grapes was started.

Many families have made a significant contribution to the development of viticulture and winemaking in the village of Khashmi.  Among the experienced winegrowers is also mentioned the is also mentioned the family of Kvarelashvili.  A few years ago, the brothers Givi and David Kvarelashvili decided to continue the traditions of their ancestors, namely the winemaker grandfather Amiran Robakidze, and in 2018 established the Gida Wine company.  Their surname comes from village Khashmi , and since the family had a house and a vineyard here, the idea arose to create a cellar in this place, which would have both a traditional and multifunctional purpose.  This is how the Khashmi cellar of Gida began to function, which some also call Kvarelashvili's cellar, and this place has already received many guests.

When you get to the cellar, you can find a wide range of choices in one space: wine tasting, various tours and the "Guest House" - with 6 bedrooms for 15 people.  This allows the guest, who arrived in Kakheti, not to rush to return to the capital and spend the night there.  A fairly large house, built in the Kakhetian style, furnished with furniture and interior items, draws a certain parallel with the past.

In the extensive cellar area and in a quiet environment, with a swimming pool, a terrace and a garden, numerous parties and corporate events can be held, as well as meetings for several people.  In clear weather, you will be received outside, and in cloudy weather, in 2 living rooms, a table will be laid by the brick fireplace, and you will have the opportunity to taste wine traditionally made in Qvevri...

Givi Kvarelashvili (Director):

- In 2018, the village of Khashmi was given the status of a microzone.  At that time, we decided to build a cellar that would be just for the family.  At the same time, we focused on the production of "Khashmi Saperavi" (which means that the drink is made from Saperavi grapes grown in the Khashmi microzone) and planned to install several jugs for this wine during the construction process.  After assigning this status, we decided to load this place from a business point of view as well.  In fact, space allowed us to do this, and we started production immediately with 22 jugs.  From here 80% comes to Hashmi Saperavi.

Today "Gida Wine" offers various tours for both local and visiting guests, true wine lovers.  These include participation in the grape harvest process during the grape harvest, tastings, gastronomy, master classes in both drinking and cooking.

In addition to the technologist and manager, I try to attend the mentioned tastings as much as possible, since the presentation of my own product is very pleasant and, probably, impresses the guests much more.

In summer the guest house is full.  Wine lovers arriving in Khashmi often spontaneously decide to stay as evening approaches, but mostly, 90% of bookings are made in advance.  Also, in the case of the visiting cellar, a few days in advance, there is agreement on lunch, dinner and overnight in a guest house.  We hold: birthdays, weddings, corporate parties.  Companies give us preference as we have a swimming pool and I think that's a big advantage during events like this.  We can organize both a buffet table and a traditional Kakhetian table.

Our wines are also exported: to Italy, America, and in the near future this list will be replenished even more.  As for the domestic market, in addition to various wine shops, we have a representative store of our cellar in the capital, where a wide selection is presented: Kisi, Rose, Khashmi, Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Tsolikouri, Manavi Green, Kindzmarauli, Khvanchkara. So, in addition to Khashmi, our wine is sold and tasted in the wine shop - Gida Wine, in the wine restaurant - Coco Bar, which is located in Tbilisi, R. Tabukashvili House No. 29.

Author: Ana Kalandadze

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