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«Georgia Palace» Hotel and Spa Kobuleti - Be effective with your team!
22 May, 2018

The best season for corporate teambuildings, trainings and conferences has started.

Those who constantly care for the intellectual potentials of the team, for whom it's important to build a team, hotel "Georgian Palace" is the place that you should visit.

"Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti " gives the best chance to the companies, which have the difficult challenges ahead. The offer is interesting and various, establishing effective working relationships, organizational development, deepening social relationships and increasing efficiency - everything that is important for every company.

The hotel professional team will take into consideration all your wishes and they are ready to perform any organizational issue at a high level.

"Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti " has specially selected sports and entertainment activities, party and creative host for corporations, but it's not the end yet... The hotel also offers the master classes with its team - in a traditional cuisine with the European dishes. "Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti " will arrange the tours for you.

This is especially pleasant right now - at the end of spring the interest of guests at the Black Sea increases day by day. May, the end of spring and the beginning of summer is especially beautiful with its sunshine, green colors and the scent of the nature.

It is important that a 5-star hotel in Kobuleti is located in a special climate zone. This place brings together the sea and mountain air, the sea is deeper and the unique microclimate, which benefits cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous system.

If you are looking for relaxation as well, "Georgia Palace" has outdoor and indoor pools, sauna, salt water pool with medical properties, fitness hall, basketball, 7 mini golf course  and tennis courts  and kids’ playground.

In a word  "Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti" provides special activity for those who want to get together with the team.

Do not save time and energy, take care and strengthen with your team!

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