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Short overview about the NGO Tourism & Reality
23 September, 2016

-Please, describe your company in a few words. 

Tourism & Reality was founded in 2014, we are focused on:

  • Researching and identifying existing problems in tourism industry in Georgia.
  • Increasing awareness about the uniqueness of community destinations as potential touristic    resources/products and means of poverty reduction, deters centripetal migration and growth of   income generation.
  • Attracting tourists and encouraging sustainable development of domestic tourism through promotion.
  • Offering training and workshops in tourism field.

Target groups:

  • Schoolchildren, students
  • Socially vulnerable groups
  • Locals, community dwellers (Mountainous regions)
  • Unemployed individuals 


What are your plans in the nearest 5-10 years?

To implement long-term and sustainable development projects in tourism in regions, collaboration with state structures, municipalities, local and international organizations and etc. 

What are the obstacles you meet and the ways of problem solution?

NGOs in Georgia working on tourism problematic issues have less availability of implementing projects due to less grant opportunities in tourism, besides there are observed the cases of developing dual/ crossing projects – one and the same projects  in one and the same regions are implemented simultaneously by different organizations, mostly there is no coordination between NGOs and  municipalities. The solution of the problem mentioned is to create the database of implemented projects or the directory of organizations for the transparency of their activities.  

What do you think about Welcome to Georgia national tourism awards?

Welcome to Georgia national tourism awards is the first unique initiative in Georgia uniting the best representatives of tourism and hospitality industry  and gives the chance  to be able to obtain a positive image and be nominated/awarded as the best in a competitive environment.

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