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5 reasons why you should visit Vardzia Resort
07 August, 2018

You are in Tbilisi and haven't planned the hottest month of summer yet, the Black Sea coast is not enough for you and you're looking for something special, pleasant, comfortable and historically important...

Maybe you are among those who have foreign guests and intends to tell them Georgian history and attractions...

Or maybe you just want to relax in a quiet environment with your family...

Or maybe...

One of the best offers for you to fulfill all these wishes, is South Georgia, historic Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Nobody will be indifferent after seeing the cave town Vardzia, but if you visit "Vardzia Resort", the impression will be more intense.

We will tell you 5 reasons, why you should visit "Vardzia Resort":

Distinguished location: "Vardzia Resort" complex is located in historic Meskheti, in Chachkari Khevi, on the opposite side of the cave town Vardzia. The Infrastructure and architecture are perfectly combined with the historic landscape of Samtskhe-Javakheti. You can escape from everything and come here - unbearable heat in the city or daily problems. Cool and comfortable atmosphere awaits you in the extremely beautiful Vardzia. In here you understand, how rich nature is.

Service: Hosts know the price of guests very well, they always take care of them and that's why it's not surprise, that hotel is among the best hotels in Georgia on It's a favourite place for local and foreign tourists as well and its rating on is 9.4. "Vardzia Resort" team will host you with the highest quality service you need for your pleasure and comfort.

Many-sided offerings: The choice in here is great. You will definitely find out what you are interested in. Are you interested in culinary? You will be able to participate in master classes - in the ancient bread-oven you can bake Meskhetian Qada, Khachapuri and bread; You can dip Churchkhela in Chanchuri (variety of plum) or boiled mulberry juice, participate in the birch process and binding of stewed Khinkali.

Maybe you like hiking tours - it's possible to visit historic temples and Vardzia complex. You will not be dissatisfied, you will see and hear many interesting things here.

If your choice is fun – there are appropriate conditions for that as well. Billiards, board games. You can try yourself in bow throwing too.

"Vardzia Resort" is the ideal place for family holidays. The complex includes all the conditions to get pleasure with your family. There is also playground for children, you can also compete your family members in karaoke and make the process even funnier, you can jump on the batoot with children, enjoy the gift of nature and manmade services. If you want to stay here with family, "Vardzia Resort" offers special conditions, in case of purchasing family packages - 22% discount on hotel rooms and 10% - on restaurant.

Outstanding swimming pools: during hot summer days the swimming pool is especially valuable. "Vardzia Resort" is distinguished from this point of view. Choice is up to you, where you want to cool yourself - sports pool, or at the pool, which is located on the edge of the rock, from which you can see the beautiful view, which is a favourite place for "Vardzia Resort" guests for photo session. There are also seven natural pools full of various fishes.

It should be noted, that "Vardzia Resort", from where you can see the view of Vardzia Monastery Complex, apart from hotel rooms, offers the cottages located on the territory of the hotel. In this case the guests can enjoy the full service of the resort, but the booking of the rooms in cottages is available at lower prices.

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