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Category: producers of cognac
Region: Tbilisi
Address: Tbilisi. Kazbegi Ave. 4
Phone: 255 44 44 (+105) ფაქსი: 265 44 44 . 577 11 88 12; 599 21 73 00;


In country where vine and wine production has been a core of living for centuries, the Georgian wine brandy appeared only in the 19th century, and its' origin is closely related to the great philanthropist and entrepreneur David Sarajishvili.

In 1884, Sarajishvili established classic cognac production, and in 1887, it has released its first product. Sarajishvili’s company was developing fast and also started expanding geographically. The expanded variety of products included wine brandy, vodka, wine, liquor, rum, absinthe and other alcoholic beverages.

In1889-1912, Sarajishvilis’ wine brandy was awarded golden medals at international exhibitions in Paris, Chicago, Brussels and other cities. In 1913, high-quality Georgian wine brandy producer was awarded the status of Russian emperor’s court supplier.

Sarajishvili house is keeping devotion to culture and traditions created by David Sarajishvili, reached by, usage of modern technologies, existence of enormous reserves of various wine brandy spirits and by professionalism of the technologists.

All of which gives Sarajishvili house ability to create high quality product and sustain its leading position.Sarajishvili’s Wine brandy has gained over 250 awards from different contests and exhibitions. Among the awards falls 6 super grand-prix, 35 grand-prix, 1 double gold, 1 big gold and 155 gold medals.

Secret of Sarajishvilis’ domestic and international recognition is hidden in secular experience, permanent exploration for novelties and aspiration to develop. Currently Sarajishvili is being presented over four continents, in 20 countries.


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29 August, 2018
Georgia is known in the world as the country of the oldest wine making, however the first Georgian wine brandy was produced in the 19th century by David Sarajishvili. It was him who founded...
12 June, 2018
100 years ago, on May 26, 1918, the ruling national council of the country adopted the "Act of State Independence of Georgia" and declared our country as an independent republic. The...
23 December, 2016
“Sarajishvili XO” and “Sarajishvili VS” were awarded with the highest prize, gold medal at the degustation in Chicago, arranged by the prominent American Beverage Testing...

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