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Wine Cellar Rostomaant Marani
Wine Cellar Rostomaant Marani
Category: Wine Manufacturers and cellars
Region: Kakheti
Address: 11 Rcheulishvili st.
Phone: 599929505


Wine Cellar Rostomaant Marani is a small family Wine cellar which is located in town Telavi, Kakheti region, east part of Georgia. In our Marani all works are done manully starting from grape pressing ending of bottling and labeling. In our wine cellar we producing Qvevri wines based on Georgian traditional methodes. Making wine in Qvevri were announced as Georgian cultural Non-Property heritage by UNESCO in 2013. Making wines in Qvevri(clay jars) has more then 8 000 year history in Goergia, which has unstoping process making wine from ancient time to date. Our wine-making technology is: The 100% ripest of stems are added to the grape skins, juice and pits. After this proccess the Qveri is locked and kept for 5-6 months. After 5-6 months Qvevri is opened and wine is taken off. This wine is filtered naturally by Chacha (grape pomace goes down in Qvevri and juice goes up, which is by nature process filtering wine) that keeps and bring best healthy properties of wine. 

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