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Our wine
Our wine
Category: Wine Manufacturers and cellars
Region: Kakheti
Address: Bakurtsikhe
Phone: 599117727


“Our Wine” Company

The Company was founded in 2003 by five persons with the purpose of producing high quality natural wine using old Georgian traditions of viticulture and wine-making.

At present company owns around 5,5 hectares of vineyards, located in Kakheti Region, in the historically well-known Kardanakhi and Bakurtsikhe viticulture micro zone’s best terroirs, named as “Tsarapi”, “Akhoebi”, ”Uroebi” and “Chortauli”. These terroirs are located in Alazani river gorge, on the northern slopes of Gombori mountain ridge, 320-400 meters above sea level and have eastern exposition. The soil is carbonated and humus.

Climate – Kardanakhi and Bakurtsikhe villages are situated on the edge of subtropical and subcontinental climate zones. The climate is temperate and damp, with mild winter and hot summer. Atmospheric precipitations mainly fall on May and early June and late October.

Significant element of microclimate is the nighttime fresh breeze blows coming from Gombori forestry mountains. Average number of sunny days per year are enough for grapes vegetation and ripening.

Company grows only autochthonic grapes varieties: white Rkatsiteli, Khikhvi, Kakhiri Mtsvane, Goruli Mtsvane and red Saperavi. Rkatsiteli, Goruli Mtsvane and  Saperavi  are used as a basic varieties in wine-making. Khikhvi and Kakhuri Mtsvane are mostly used as a blending material, though Company is planning to increase the growing of these varieties.

Ages of vineyards vary from 15 to 45 years. Density of stumps also varies from 3,600 to 4,800 stumps per 1 hectare.

Vineyards are not irrigating.

We use double Guyot method of vine training, which takes place in late February.

We plough the soil and manure it every 4th year using limited organic fertilizers.

Since 2009 we use biodynamic method of vineyard nursing (Before it was bio- method).

The yield is controlled and does not exceed 3 tons per hectare.

Spraying is minimized, without any systemic chemicals. Almost 100% of vine-growing process is made by hand.


Harvesting takes place when the sugar content reaches 23,5% (around September 10-20).

We pick grapes selectively.

Company mainly produces the following types of wines:

Rkatsiteli, 100%, Vineyard Tsarapi, white, dry;

Rkatsiteli 90%, Kakhuri Mtsvane 6%, Khikhvi 4%, Vineyard Akhoebi, white, dry;

Rkatsiteli 93%, Kakhuri Mtsvane 7%, Vineyard Uroebi, white, dry;

Goruli Mtsvane 100%, Vineyard Chortauli, white, dry;

Saperavi 100%, Vuneyard Akhoebi, red, dry.

Full cycle of wine production process takes place in old style Georgian cellar using traditional Kakhetian method. Fermentation, maceration and maturation take place in clay Qvevri - amphorae of different sizes which are buried into the ground.

Production process of white wine is following: We crush grapes and put the must into the Qvevri. Fermentation is going on during 21days. Maceration with grapes skins, stems and sediment is going on during 6 months. After that, wine is maturing in Qvevri during 12 months, before bottling.

Production process of red wine is following: crushed grapes are placed in Qvevri, but without stems. In 12 days we separate the juice from grapes skins. Maceration takes place during 6 months. After that, wine is maturing in Qvevri during 24 months, before bottling.

No selected (artificial) yeast, acids, enzymes, tannins are used, except sulfur, which is used in very small quantities. Both - fermentation and maturing of red and white wines take place only in Qvevri. Neither red, nor white wines are filtered.

Company’s cellar is located in Bakurtsikhe village, Gurjaani district, Region Kakheti, East Georgia. Total capacity of Qvevris – 35,5 tons. The biggest one has 2000 liters capacity, the smallest – 90 liters.

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