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Wine Cellar Numisi
Wine Cellar Numisi
Category: Wine Manufacturers and cellars
Region: Kakheti
Address: Veliscixe/Guujaani
Phone: 599 561031 571165519
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Numisi in Gurjaani region, in the oldest village Velistsikhe represents the XVI century wine cellar. The building itself is a monument of ancient classical architecture, built of white river stone and rectangular Georgian brick. From the outside, a glance is, as if a small and modest, but the vast interior space. We introduce with a very interesting and arched wine cellar excellent storage, with limestone wine old presser, 33 different-sized clay pitchers and large penthouse that attract the interest of thouthands of visitors of Georgia.
Standing in the bar viewed the exhibition, where protected in various age pottery, glass, copper and timber vessels, as well as other things, are the unique examples of the Georgian wine-making and Ethnography of a centuries-old history,culture and the traces of Old time Velistsikhe wine producers and the rural past. The collection occupies a distinguished place in BC III-II century, the wine produced in various pottery and a woman jewelry, necklaces, rings, XVIII century wine copper kitchen utensils, old carpets and furniture. A very interesting old French “Marmonies” firm grape presser machine, the old German wine allocator pump, the old wooden grape presser again and many more interesting historical exhibits. In the courtyard of Wine cellar stands the old wooden grain storage “Begeli”, Kakhetian “Shoti” bread baking clay-made “Tone”. Here “Churchkhela” is being prepared as well.
At the right side of the cellar there is the beautiful Flax-roofed house, where it warmly regales guests with the best Kakhetian hospitable character – European-style dishes and beverages.
Welcome to velistsikhe and Enjoy wine, traditional Georgian dishes, listen to wonderful songs and look around unique museum of this one of the best region of sunny Georgia.

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