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Marani Restaurant
Marani Restaurant
Category: Restaurants
Region: Tbilisi
Address: Grishashvili Str. #11
Phone: 0322 22 88 77

One of the well-known brands G.G Group has opened its first restaurant in Tbilisi. The terrace opens the look to a beautiful view of Old Tbilisi. Restaurant “Marani” has an outstanding interior and service. Visitors can taste Georgian, European and Asian dishes prepared by a cook from Morocco. They can also try different flavors, brought from various countries, with Chilim. Restaurant “Marani” and G.G. Group offer interesting events together with singers and musical bands and special service.

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Kitchen: Georgian-European

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02 October, 2018
Nice atmosphere, service, dishes, views, tasteful music – what else would you need while searching for a place to spend a cool autumn evening? It is not so easy to gather all of these in one...
25 June, 2018
If it is important for you how to spend summer hot evenings, if you are looking for special, new, tasteful places, than you are very lucky, because we have a good advice for you. The...
14 May, 2018
- The place where you are closer to the past and at the same time you feel the present, which is full of courtesy of Tbilisi. "Marani" in Old Tbilisi is the restaurant, which brings...

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