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Category: 5 * Hotels
Region: Adjara
Address: 275 Agmashenebeli str. Kobuleti, Georgia
Phone: (+995 32) 224 24 00 / (+995 577) 24 24 25


Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa, Kobuleti is the only Georgian five star resort brand Hotel in Georgia, operating in hospitality market since 2008. Depending on the location, the hotel has a unique microclimate, a natural landscape, a coastal area with plenty of medical properties. This hotel, located on the place of old famous Sanatorium "Sakartvelo", presents as a resort hotel.  A spa center located here with a variety of medical and relaxation services. For the first time and exclusively in Georgia  the hotel offered a full range of service provisions  of Indian, Ayurveda Panchakarma full treatments and packages.

Hotel combines all types of  157 rooms, superior type rooms, semi-luxury, family type luxury, premier and presidential luxury, adapted environment. The seaside and mountain landscapes from the balcony of all the rooms, distinguished views that you rarely encounter. If you have already chosen Hotel Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa Kobuleti, it will become an integral part of your summer destination.

Georgian cuisine is welknown all over the world, the food here is  combined Georgian traditional food and European cuisine. It is absolutely true that the hotel has achieved great success in culinary terms, where the perfect mix of Georgian and European cuisine is in harmonious coincidence. The variety of bars, the two big restaurants, makes it the best choice for our guests.

The guests are also equipped with entertainment facilities, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, especially the salt water outdoor pool featuring medical features, fitness, seven mini golf  course and tennis stadiums, kids playground and a large garden with wonderful, old trees and flowers.

Georgian and foreign polititions, people from culture and fashion world,  favorite actors and singers - people who have chosen Georgia Palace Hotel & Spa  Kobuleti are distinguished with their exquisite taste and special social status. All the features of the hotel, which make it different from other brands, are simple to understand - design, high class service, medical beach and the large garden, extraordinary views that are rarely visible in other places in Georgia.

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