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Brand Wine
Brand Wine
Category: Wine shops
Region: Tbilisi
Address: 48/50 Mtskheta Street
Phone: +995 577 75 55 55 / +995 599 11 90 90


New Wine shop in the center of The Tbilisi 

Welcome to Brand Wine

a wide choice of strong alcohol, wine, champagne and other drinks. We regularly hold themed tastings, thanks to which our customers have an opportunity to get acquainted with different varieties and varieties of other alcoholic beverages. Thanks to such tastings, you can learn much more about each type of drink, learn to distinguish them from each other and understand what is more suitable for a certain holiday, company, gastronomy.


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31 October, 2022
For lovers of alcoholic drinks, the selection of products of different names gathered in one space is a great convenience. At the same time, it is always interesting to visit a place where...
13 May, 2022
Georgian wine is one of the most important beverages in the world. After research found that the homeland of wine Georgia, the interest for Georgian wine increased. In popularization of Georgian...
18 January, 2022
Wine shop with more than 700 types of drinks - "Brand Wine" has opened a new branch in Vake. Wine shop "Brand Wine" has been operating since 2019 at 48/50 Mtskheta...
24 September, 2021
The brand «Brand Wine» has a large selection of drafted,bottled wines and products of small wineries. We got vodka, cognac, liqueur – up to 100% of the wine presented on the...
25 August, 2021
There is a wide selection of Georgian wine in the store "Brand Wine" (Tbilisi, Mtskheta Street N48 / 50). In front of the store, in the open space arranged for tasting, there is...
28 July, 2021
Wine shop "Brand Wine" is located in Tbilisi, Vake, Mtskheta Street N48 / 50.  On one hand it is a diverse assortment and on the other it is a pleasant environment where you can...
29 June, 2021
The history of winemaking in Georgia dates back to 8000 and this is a country where vines are worshiped.  The richness of Georgian wines is clearly seen in the store "Brand Wine",...

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