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Category: Restaurants
Region: Tbilisi
Address: David Agmashenebeli Avenue # 132
Phone: 0322 94 37 79


Barbarestan is a little untypical Georgian restaurant for Tbilisi. In fact, its a cozy Georgian apartment where a big, noisy and hospitable family lives, as the owners of the restaurant are happy parents of 10 kids!
For this new project creative team of "Gastonaut" has set a plan - to make high-quality Georgian cuisine in much more interesting style, but still available to all, without lowering the interior concept, creativity in menu and fantastic service.
Barbarestan offers interesting Georgian food, borrowed from unique recipe book of the 19th century duchess Barbara Jorjadze.
Menu of "Barbarestan" was modified and adapted to modern standards by well-known Georgian chef Levan Kobiashvili. Cuisine of "Barbarestan" can be called homestyle cuisine for sure, the distinctive feature of which is the fact that many items on the menu are unfamiliar to metropolitan gourmets! Of course, the basis of the menu consists of traditional dishes, but the taste of even the standard foods is markedly different from that to which are accustomed in Tbilisi. After all, we use only Georgian bio or village products, all food is prepared directly in the restaurant by old family recipes that we have borrowed from Jorjadzes cook book.

Its Just a small restaurant - 70 seats in two halls and a private room for 10 people in the cellar.
Grandma's like an old ragged furniture, colorful rugs, various antique things, brick walls, greenery and fresh wild flowers everywhere.
There is no unity - all the chairs, tables and even the utensils - everything is different. The historic wine cellar of the 19th century is an obvious pride of the restaurant. VIP cabinet - for cozy evenings with friends- center of gravity in this room - antique fireplace.
Musical accompaniment from the first minute plunges into the atmosphere of nostalgic memories of classic georgian songs...
Of course, to fully understand the charm of this house, you should at least once to look in on a soft light of its lampshade.

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