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Agency of Protected Areas
Agency of Protected Areas
Category: Needful information
Region: Tbilisi
Address: G. Gulua Str. # 6
Phone: 2 75 23 53; 2 75 38 87. *8888


1954 - 1957 The Division of Strict Nature Reserves and Hunting Farms was established, but was still under the jurisdiction of Soviet Socialist Ministry of Agriculture and Production. 

1997 - 2004 the unit transformed into the State Department of Protected Areas, Strict Nature Reserves and Hunting Farms of Georgia.




<p 0px="" areas="" border:="" color-disabled="" department="" font-family-disabled:="" font-size-disabled:="" georgia="" line-height:="" ministry="" natural="" of="" outline:="" p="" padding:="" protected="" resources="" state="" style="\" margin:"="" sub-institution="" text-align:="" the="" was=""> February 1st, 2008 The LEPL Agency of Protected Areas of Georgia was established and began operations.

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