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Protection and development of cultural heritage of Georgia

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Protection and development of cultural heritage of Georgia
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Protection and development of cultural heritage of Georgia dates back to an ancient history. Monument protection as a sector began to take shape in the XIX century. In this period of time some scientists and public figures already played a significant role in research and protection of cultural heritage monuments – establish various associations, societies and organizations. They aim was to collect, conserve, research and protect the extant antiquities.
In 1921 under the people's commissariat was established a section for protection of museum antiquities and monuments of art. Since that time the state had been protected cultural monuments of Georgia and in 1923-1924 it had a special role in anti-religious campaign carried out in the country.
In 1934 by order of government of Georgia was founded The Culture and Monuments Protection Committee.
In 1948 by order of government of Georgia were opened the first ever in the Soviet Union scientific-restoration workshops. In 1959 for the first time in USSR was founded a voluntary organization - Society for protection of cultural monuments of Georgia. Its aims were to discover, protect, restore, reinforce and study monuments of cultural heritage in Georgia and outside the country.
In 1977 Georgia adopted the Law “On Protection and Use of Historical and Culture Monuments”, while by order dated to 1978 was abolished the existing body for monuments protection and established main scientific and production department  for protection and use of historical, culture and nature monuments (briefly Monument Protection department)
In 2004, after abolishment of Monument protection department under the   Ministry  of Culture, Monument Protection and Sport of Georgia was established The  Cultural Heritage Department with various divisions, which combine functions of a customer and controlling unit. In that period in the field of cultural heritage management field was launched a new stage. With the aim to support implementation of the  state politics and  field development was launched  “Cultural Heritage Protection Program” with clearly expressed tendencies of increasing funding the state  and structure appropriate  to European model of cultural heritage management.
In November 2008 by order of president of Georgia was established the monument protection organization - LEPL The National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation with various and very specific directions for cultural heritage protection such as tangible and intangible cultural heritage, museums, museum- reserves and archeological sites, information systems, research and popularization of cultural heritage, monitoring and documentation of monuments, educational and international projects.
The National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation   was established on the basis of complex monuments of national and international importance and represents their unity and legal successor.

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