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Resort Sioni
Tianeti municipality spreads on the slopes of Kartli, Kakheti and Gombori, between Tianeti and Ertso cavities. Main hydrological resource of the municipality – river Iori is used for irrigation of surrounding territories. In 1963 aiming at regulation of water take, Sioni reservoir was
created in Iori gorge, between settlement of Sioni and village of Lelovani. Reservoir regulates outlay of river water and is used for water supply to a small capacity hydroelectric plant. Reservoir area is 12.8, maximum depth – 67 m. Slopes of the hollow are covered with oak and hornbeam groves. Old settlement of Sioni nowadays happens to be on the bottom of a cavity, under the reservoir. Many years ago, along with the village, several monuments were also covered with water while basilica of the second half of V century which stood in the village during construction of a water basin was dismantled and removed to Tbilisi Ethnologic Museum. Serttlement of Sioni is a health resort. Tourist camps, sports facilities and rest-houses hosted here thousands of holiday makers around the year. Nowadays also many vacationers go to Sioni in summer season, most of them from the capital and Tianeti. It is popular thanks to closeness from Tbilisi and combination of lake, mountain, forest and healthy climate.
1. Sioni reservoir gets its feed basically from river Iori. Iori is a river rich with fish. It is a habitat of nearly all kinds of species of fish distributed in Eastern Georgia. There is a lot of fish in Sioni reservoir as well including sazan, common carp, silver carp. Unfortunately, due to uncontrolled fishing of poachers with banned means the number of fishing fauna decreased considerably both in the river and the
reservoir. There are several fishing farms near the reservoir.
2. Health resort of Tskhvarichamia (1180 m above sea level) is located to the North of Tbilisi, en route to the Sioni reservoir, on the Sabaduri slope. Local climate is wholesome for respiratory system diseases and for general improvement of health. Tskhvarichamia is bordered by magnificent deciduous Sabaduri forest significantly strengthening recreational properties of the resort. In Soviet period
Tskhvarichamia was a famous children retreat with several sanatoria and resthouses for kids operating there. Today Tskhvarichamia and Sabaduri forest are favorite places for off-road racers who frequently visit them.
Location: Iori gorge
Distance: 45 km away from Tbilisi, 32 km away from Tianeti
Sea level: 1000 m
Landscape: mountainous
Climate: moderately humid climate with cold winter and lasting cool summer, annual mean temperature 12-14 degrees centigrade
Average annual precipitation: 790-880 mm
Average comparative annual humidity: 78%
Duration of annual sunny light: 2100-2200 h.

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