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Kazbeghi National Park
Mtsketa Mtianeti

Kazbeghi national park is situated in north-east Georgia, on the border with Russia, between the main watershed and side plateau of Kavkasioni, 130 km from Tbilisi. It consists of several territories with overall area of more than 8.7 National park expansion is planned by means of linking of its parts. The vertical spread of the national park attains 4 thousand meters and covers both the gorge of river Terek and ecosystems of high mountains.

Territory of national park is noted with diversity of geological structure, active mountain creation and geodynamic processes, lava torrents and canyon-like gorges which are typical for volcanic relief.

Vegetation of the Kazbeghi national park is distinguished with variety and high endemism (1/4). Forests spread on steep slopes and along with high ecological implication create inimitable sceneries. From wood vegetation widely represented are Litvinov birches (Betula litvinovi) and Sosnowski pine-trees (Pinus sosnowski). In the gorge of river Terek there are important spaces of blackthorn vegetation recognized as having im­portant medicinal qualities.

National park is rich with the wildlife species of high mountains among which predators should be mentioned first.

Within the Kazbeghi national park and its environs there are many world-important mountain climbing sites which are known for their complexity and beauty. This region is very rich with many important monuments of historic Georgia among which are lots of early and Middle Age churches, fortress towers, et al. Unmatched are rites and domestic traditions of local residents. There is located also a residence of Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia.

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