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Small Production Winery Artizani to be Among Best Wines
09 August, 2017

Small production winery Artizani was founded in 2015, by three friends- Salome Andrazashvili, Irakli Gvaramia and Data Mgeladze. The main value of the product is natural way of producing, using minimal technological interference and rejecting any chemical or natural additives.

Name Artizani comes from a French word, which means master who works with his hands, without using technologies.

Company produces two types of wines- Saperavi and Saperavi Rose. Artizani team thinks that vineyard micro-zone affects on wine aroma; That’s why they chose Khashmi, Karabulakhi vineyards, where Saperavi grape has a special aroma.

Nowadays, company implements export to Belgium. It has offers from Scandinavian countries, although production is small at this stage.

Besides, Artizani is among in best wines on platform, which is the larges wine lover society website, having the richest library and 24 million users daily.

One of the distinguishing features of the Artazani wine is that sulfur is not used which is a rare practicum. wine itself is rich with berries aroma that expresses Kashmi terroir.

They plan to keep exploration of new types of wine and a number of countries to export.

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