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The original presentation of the restauran „City“ became the top story of „City News’’
08 June, 2018

The original presentation of the restaurant "City" became the top story of "City News". The guests were fascinated with genuine hospitality and their impressions went beyond Vera district and reached Montparnasse. The whole city was talking about the  restaurant theatrical opening ceremony.

"This day is very important for Georgia, especially for Tbilisi. The first French restaurant in the country opened in Tbilisi. This is a very good idea and I think that it will make its own contribution into the city life", - said the main host, the French Ambassador Pascal Menie, he presented to his fellow citizens Michelin Star Owner Chef Nicolas Isnari and executive Chef David Tavernier. Their buffet, baroque style, Parisian charm, the Tbilisi yard - all this was in unusual harmony.

"City in the city - this is a special place that becomes amazingly organic to you. You're impressed, full of emotions, but you do not get tired. Its majesty - crystal chandelier, loge, balcony with marble railing - all this does not create the feeling that you only need to see this beauty, rate and go. No, it is elegant, seems like unreachable, but at the same time it's the part of your city, your country, culture and history", - Nugzar Rukhadze was one of the main protagonists of the presentation show, the sound of the city, dressed in suit, he was like Bernard Shaw character but without the walking stick, in the city darkened with the moon flickering light, he appears with the artificial sunshine background, on the balcony, on the right side of the city's main clock.

The interior of the restaurant "City" repeats Tbilisi architecture of XIX century. It is different from everything and surprisingly native at the same time. The restaurant "City" has a magic that has survived in ancient Tbilisi and attracts us in European cities.

"City" - It is the first restaurant in Georgia with the Menu, which has Michelin Star owner chef created. The prices are acceptable for everyone.

It is presented by all the attributes of the city. It has a library with the editions in three languages, the guests can read here. The shelves full of books and Venetian glass chandeliers creates the special coziness.

One of the distinguished spaces - Loge in "City", from the balcony you can see the entire view of the restaurant.

The most sunny place in the restaurant is the terrace. The sunshine illuminated artificial sky creates the feeling of warm weather in spring. Georgians love to hold big parties as well. The restaurant "City" is the most elegant place for this. For the chamber environment lovers there is an isolated space - the City apartment.

The opinions of the guests are divided - which is the most favorite place of the restaurant: bronze hall, or Tbilisi garden, which reminds you the squares of the European cities. I chose the garden, the epicenter of the celebration. In here you're close to the musicians. You can better see the facial expression, even the smile, which accompanies jazz compositions.

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