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Rehabilitation of Mukhadze Ropeway Line is Started in Chiatura
19 April, 2017

Rehabilitation of the 4th rope way is started in Chiatura within the frame of ropeway reconstruction project.

Like the other three, cabins of Pomagalski ropeway will be installed. Over 2 684 million GEL is allocated for the works and a tender is announced for selection of construction company, where proposal submission term expires at 14:00 p.m. on May 5.

Chiatura Ropeway Project represents renovation of city transport communication, which is an important element for the urban development of the city. The project envisages construction and projecting of 2 ropeways within the frame of this project (Mukhadze Down Station and Mukhadze Upper Station).

The project is funded by the governments of Georgia and France and its total value is 40 million GEL.

Now, rehabilitation is being made to the central station and outgoing three directions: Sanatorium (862 m), Naguti (1081 m) and Lezhubani (845 m). Projecting works are being carried on the 4th ropeway – Mukhadze (640m).

Terminating of the project is scheduled by autumn, 2017.

It should be noted, that ropeway is one of the basic transportation means, which serves to the city population from 1954.

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