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New Winery Launches Operation in Ambrolauri Municipality
11 October, 2018

LLC Zedashe, a grapes processing enterprise equipped with modern technologies has launched operation in Ambrolauri municipality. The enterprise was established as part of the Joint Agro Project of the Projects Management Agency of Ministry of Agriculture. With the support of Government, the company has obtained preferential agro loan of 550 000 USD.

Revaz Asatiani, director of the Project Management Agency and Archil Japaridze, governor of Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo Svaneti Region jointly visited the new plant. 

The enterprise will process more than 60 tons of grapes and employ 65 persons on season. The company sells the product on domestic market.
The company is actively participating in the 2018 vintage. 

It is noteworthy that this year the Racha Region has recorded the best harvest of grapes. Farmers have already picked 1080 tons of grapes. At this stage, winegrowers have already earned 8.3 million GEL.

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