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Half Million Have Visited Protected Areas of Georgia During 7 Months
09 August, 2017

Number of visitors to the protected areas increased by 35% in the first seven months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

According to the data of 7 months of 2017, 61% of visitors (301 557 visitors) and 39% (188 352 visitors) are foreigners. The number of Georgian visitors has increased by 28% compared to 7 months in 2017 and the number of foreign visitors increased by 45%.

Most foreign visitors were from Germany, Israel, Poland, Ukraine and Russia.

According to visitors’ statistics, the most amount of visitors had: Prometheus Cave (81 110), Martvili Canyon (74 580), Kazbegi National Park (72 102), Sataplia (55 815) and Oktes Canyon (38 088).

Within 1 year the revenue of Martvili Canyon Visitor Center was GEL 1 404 278. Among them, 606 000 GEL was received by “Ofutskhoi” Ltd, which unites local residents who had been carrying out the service in the past. 80 people are employed in at Ofutskhoi and each investment was 1100 GEL.

3 500 000 GEL was the local business income that was developed near the canyon.

From 50 to 120, the number of people employed in the Martvili canyon and the surrounding area.

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