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Georgian Spices Company SPYRECIPE to Enter Israeli Market
10 July, 2018

Spices company ”Spyrecipe” will export its products to Israel,- company founder Mako Kavtaradze shared.

According to her, Israel was considered as their export market, and they received an offer from that country. Active work is underway at this stage and SPYRECIPE product will be sent to Israel in September.

Maiko Kavtaradze is a young entrepreneur who creates the mixture of ecologically clean spices for different dishes. Spy recipe is a small family business. She makes six different kinds of spices for Georgian dishes according to her mother’s recipe.

Spices are branded and packed. One of the family members, Maiko’s brother took care of it. They sell production in old Tbilisi and touristic place where a lot of foreigners go. The demand is quite big and it is increasing.

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