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FLYHELP won over 1,500 Airlines and Compensated 1 million GEL
23 October, 2018

The company FlyHelp won 1,500 cases in one year and the sum received in compensation amounted to 1 000 000 GEL.

Head of Company Misha Chanturia told about it.

Head of the company Misha Chanturia said: “This is the amount received from foreign airlines in Georgia, not even one cent has gone from our country.”

“From each winning case, the company collected 30% of the money and the rest were issued to passengers as compensations,” Chanturia said.

In addition, according to the head of FlyHelp, there is no statistics to determine which company receives most of the complaints.

“The number of management is not sorted, since every airline, which performs many flights, has some kind of problems. The existence of statistics depends on the number of passengers, “said the head of the company.

According to Misha Chanturia, the main idea of ​​creating is to familiarize the Georgian population with their rights and protect them.

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