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„Chemo Kargo“ - Place, where you will be treated with love
10 July, 2018

If you want to spend the evening in a cozy atmosphere and taste fine dishes with carefully selected music, you don't have to go far, because you can visit the restaurant network "Chemo Kargo" (“My Dear”), which is located in every district in Tbilisi.

The customer of "Chemo Kargo" already knows this place as "Original", which has been functioning since 2004 and has a great reputation and love of customers. The company started rebranding 6 months ago and created a renewed, original and cozy restaurant network.

The name comes from the hospitality characteristic phrases loved by all the Georgians such as "What would you like to have, Chemo Kargo (My Dear)?", "Thank you, Chemo Kargo".

The environment here is favorite for every guest. This place is distinguished by hospitality and warm-hearted personnel who will make you feel like you are in the village, or in the forefathers' house.

The dishes made here are not like any other. We will tell you a few secrets that makes their dishes special.

All the dishes in "Chemo Kargo" are made from natural products and these products are provided from different parts of Georgia. For example, carum for Mokhevian Khinkali is bought from Kazbegi, millet flour - from Samegrelo, the spices of Kubdari - from Mestia and raw meat is provided daily from Kakheti.

Here they take special care about quality, that's why all the dishes are distinguished and memorable with its aroma and taste.

Probably you will agree with me, that every corner of Georgia has a distinctive kitchen. That's why "Chemo Kargo" offers a mix of dishes that are specific to the different regions and these mixes have the names of the songs, which are specific to these very regions, because nobody can imagine the Georgian Supra without singing.

The regional mixes look like this:

Kakhetian Mravaljamieri, which is for 5-9 persons. It consists of Khashlama, Gudis cheese, Kakhetian sunflower oil, greens, bread cooked in the fireplace and Kakhetian wine.

Megrelian Nana consists of Megrelian Kupat, Ghomi, Gebzhalia, Bazhe and cucumber and tomatoes salad with walnuts.

Imeruli Nannina looks like this: baked village chick, Imeruli cheese, leek salad and bread baked on pan.

In the beginning we have to say, that there in "Chemo Kargo" is a cozy and special environment. The fireplace plays its role in creating this cozyness, which is located in every restaurant of "Chemo Kargo", in the central location of the hall, allowing the client to observe the process of how the Adjarian Khachapuri, Kubdari, Lobiani or other baked goods are made.

"Chemo Kargo" is customized for all types of customers, "Original Group" cares about the comfort of any guest. This is the fact that all of their restaurants are adapted for people with disabilities and weak eyesight. Specially for them the menu is printed in Braille.

If you are unable to reach the place and you want to taste "Chemo Kargo" dishes, the app will help you to save time, energy and get a choice of a variety of delicious, Georgian (European) dishes. The courier will bring the dishes chosen by you. If you want this service, you can call: +995 571 10 30 10, 322 69 30 10.

Also, there is a web page, which creates a comfort for customers, to book and select the desired menu, to view the news and get information about planned events without leaving the home.

Even though, "Chemo Kargo" is one of the best restaurant networks in the city, it still continues to develop and has big plans for future. Soon several branches will open in Tbilisi, and they also plan to build a brewery and a farm.

We recommend you to visit "Chemo Kargo". In the cozy atmosphere you can enjoy Georgian and European dishes, which you will definitely remember with its taste and aroma. If the quality and service are important to you, I think this place will become one of your favorite restaurants.

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