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Airbnb Apartments in Georgia Are The Cheapest Among Neighbouring Countries
16 May, 2018

In terms of apartments, on Airbnb in Georgia the average cost of an apartment in April was US$45 (110 GEL). For tourists, when comparing Georgia and its neighbouring countries, the cheapest prices for apartments were found in Georgia.

Apartments in this area are most expensive in Russia-US$ 134, followed by Azerbaijan-US$ 53, Turkey-US$ 50 and Armenia-US$ 49 (all prices average per night). Looking at the capital cities of Georgia and its neighbouring countries, the average prices for apartments are cheapest in Ankara-US$ 35 and the most expensive are in Moscow-US$ 130.

The average price of apartments in Tbilisi was US$44, while in Yerevan it was US$49, and in Baku it was US$54.

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