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Vintage 2017: 18.6 thousand tons of grapes processed in Kakheti
12 September, 2017

Georgia’s National Wine Agency says that 18.6 thousand tons of grapes have already been processed in Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region.

The winemakers received about 18 million GEL (7.3 million USD) in income through selling the grape, the agency reports.

The vintage is in its active phase now”, head of the Agency Giorgi Samanishvili said.

He stated 132 wineries have been registered and 67 of them have already been involved in the grape processing.

Out of the processed grape:

  • 7,000 tones were Rkatsiteli
  • 9,3 thousand tons were Saperavi .
  • 828 tons were Kakhuri Mtsvane  and several other breeds of grapes.

This year the government refused to subside grape due to the increase in the wine export, diversification of export markets, a broader vine making, a cheap agro insurance and agro credit and similar reasons. 

Only for those wineries which buy Rkatsiteli and Kakhuri Mtsvane, which sell at no less than 70 tetri per kilogram, to produce brand alcohol or grape juice, receive 35 tetri subsidy for each kilogram of grape.

Photo by N.Alavidze

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