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In «Alliance Palace» it is used energy efficient, ecologically safe materials
14 May, 2018

In our complex we use the products of the largest manufacturer of construction materials in the world - KNAUF. The company was founded by Alfons and Karl Knauf brothers in 1932. The first manufacture of gypsum-cardboard was made in 1958.

In the apartments, from the external side of partitions, as the first layer is used gypsum-cardboard of red color, which is fire-resistant. The second layer is the usual gypsum-cardboard for thermal and the sound isolation, also we use there fire-resistant, 5 centimeters thick mineral cotton.

From the internal side of the partition we use the gypsum-cardboard of green color, which is distinguished by its high rate of moisture resistance. With these partitions of 16 centimeters we were able to provide the highest international standard of heat and sound insulation in the complex. Thanks to new technologies we have reached sound insulation in our complex at the level of 55 decibels.

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