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Alliance Group to establish in Georgia vacation formula – a.k.a «Shared Ownership»
28 February, 2018

The leading construction and developing company Alliance Group to establish in Georgia the most popular vacation formula - a.k.a "Shared Ownership". The innovative and unprecedented agreement has been signed by the RCI, which is the largest timeshare vacation exchange network in the world.

“According to Alliance Group, with this agreement will start another and important stage of development of tourism in Georgia, which will completely change the attitude of vacation industry in the country.

According to the agreement, owners of Alliance Group apartments can become members of Alliance Privilege Club. For the members all the doors of the world’s premium resorts are open.

"According to the new partnership agreement with the RCI, we offer the owners of our apartments the membership of Alliance Privilege Club, which means, that if they don't want to rent the apartment for a certain period of time, In exchange for this time, they can rest on more than 4,000 resorts in 120 countries around the world. RCI is the leading company in the field of vacation, which unites world's best and leading hotels. This is a global network, an Internet portal, where the customer types travel period and through the system of exchange of the apartments, customer can rest in the desired location and time. For receiving this service it's enough to be the owner of "Alliance Group" apartments", - said executive director and founder of "Alliance Group" Akaki Songhulia.

It’s notable, that "Alliance Group" apartments, whether it’s Alliance Palace (Courtyard by Marriott) in Batumi, or Alliance Highline (Wyndham Garden Hotel) in Tbilisi - have highest RCI scores, which means, that members of Alliance Privilege Club have opportunity to "exchange vacation" in premium class hotels.

According to Temur Bitsadze, the founder and head of Alliance Leisure Club, the agreement signed by the Alliance Group and RCI, creates a new tourist database for Georgia. The contract determines the flow of new tourists, the tourists who will exchange their apartments with the same "shared ownership" on holidays in Georgia.

"More than 4,000,000 members have joined the RCI, among them are their families as well, so if we are talking about the number of potential tourists in Georgia, this number will be about 10 to 15 000000 people. It is an impressive number and I think very important for the future of our country", - explains Temur Bitsadze.

Sergei Egorov, the head of the RCI's development talked about Georgia's development pace in recent years.

"I've been observing Georgia for years now and have to emphasize the positive emotions, that country develops. Georgia is very interesting in terms of tourism potential. According to statistical data, Georgia is becoming more and more popular in this direction. It's always a good challenge to start a business in the country that goes forward and we're lucky to have such a partner as "Alliance Group". We have several years of experience with them. We see the strength and transparency of this company and this is the most gainful criterion in the business", - said Sergey Egorov.

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