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Georgian House
Georgian House
Category: Restaurants
Region: Tbilisi
Address: 2, G. Tsabadze street
Phone: +995 591930011 / +995 591930013


We have been here from 2013,  7 March,  2 G. Tsabadze street, on the left side of river Mtkvari, the historical place of the old city and this restaurant "Georgian House"  is the place of all traditions, supporting in our city: the high quaility style of accepting guests, design of atmosphere, traditional and European dishes end the saloon type musical atmosphere of meetings. The ensemble "Alilo" will play the best  foik and civill songs, you will see our quick traditional dances and listen the Georgian and European film music playing by musician Tamila Chiradze  and  the popular Ucha Kordzaia's band ,  the songs by Elene Pochkhua, George Mepisashvili and George Nadibaidze . "Georgian House " is the restaurant of the  high class complex style, where we offer different types  of halls end cosy yard with  nice design, musical decoration and serving • Central Prestige Hall • VIP-hall • Hall of Tbilisi • Separate Apartment (coupe)  • Large balconies with stained-glass windows • artificial street and courtyard We feel the most important respection to each guest. Spend nice evenings with us. Welcome to our House! You will agree after our meeting - " I found my Georgian House" 

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24 September, 2016
"Georgian House" is  not only a restaurant, where serve just beautiful and delicious dishes, it is also comfortable atmosphere and high quality service here. We have the...

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